Green Crack Vape Oil Cartridge 1g: Hakku (sativa)(90.1%)

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Green Crack Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge 1g (sativa)

90.1% THC

This strain acts quickly — users are hit with a strong headrush that is noticeably more energizing than disorienting. As time progresses, or greater doses are consumed, this initial tingle spreads down the neck and through the limbs, creating a sense of relaxation without immobilizing. What follows is an alert and easily suggestible high marked by creativity.

This is a particularly good strain for creative brainstorming and visualization. The sense of ease and creativity also makes Green Crack great for facilitating conversation in social settings. Because it provides dual relaxation and buzz for the mind and body, Green Crack typically leaves users feeling stimulated but in full lucid control of their actions.

This mellow high is good for treating low-grade stress, anxiety, and depression.

Our premium distillate cartridges are known for their flavor, potency and smooth large hits. We use California Compliant Ceramic Carts. These distillate cartridges are available in variety of flavors. We are continuously improving and will continue to add additional strains on a regular basis.

Cartridge Specs:
– Full Ceramic Body and Mouthpiece
– Low resistance Ceramic heater
– Large hits, Great taste
– Dual 2.0 mm oval inlet holes.
– Works great with thick Oils
– Solid Ceramic Mouthpiece
– California Phase 3 Heavy metals testing compliant