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Tuesday Dec 6

NEW: Green Privilege Watermelon Rings 5000mg (312mg x 16pcs)

BACK IN STOCK: Vegan Fruit Chews 1000mg | Green Privilege Gummy Worms 5000mg (142mg x 35pcs)

Sat Dec 3


'River Dips' Lip Pouches: Cherry | Mint | Orange

Mixable Sleep PowderTopical Pain Roller (fast acting) | Topical Pain Stick

'River Drops' Animal Wellness CBD Drops

Laguna Woods CBD - BACK IN STOCK:

CBD Tincture 2000mg: Peppermint | Unflavored  | 1000mg: Peppermint | Unflavored

CBD Capsules 1000mg: Nighttime | Daytime

CBD Oil Pain Relief Balm 1000mg

NEW Flower IN STOCK: Gush Mints (indica 70/30)

Black Friday Specials:

Danksgiving Doobies 42.0% OFF - See the Pre-Rolls Category

Warriors Carts 42.0% OFF - Bubu Kush (i) | Durban Poison (s)


Fri Nov 18

NEW Smashed products:

Gelato Runtz Vape Cartridge 1G (h)

Sour Strawberry Tube Gummies 5000 | Neon Ring Gummies 5000 |

Amazon Chocolate Bar 5K | Fabulous Chocolate Bar 5K | Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar 5K


Sour Diesel Flower 1/8th (3.5g)

Orange Dreamsicle Liquid Diamond Disposable | Gelato Runtz Live Resin

Vape Carts: Banana OG | XXX OG | Strawberry Cough

Liquid Diamond Gummies:

Blueberry (i) | Blueberry (h) | Blueberry (s) | Watermelon (i) | Watermelon (h) | Watermelon (s)

Pineapple (i) | Strawberry (i) | Strawberry (s)

Thu Nov 17


Georgia Pie (indica 60/40)

Harley (hybrid)

Wed Nov 16


Green Privilege Blueberry Rings 2400 (150mg x 16)


Green Privilege Gummy Worms 5000mg (142mg x 35pcs)

Green Privilege Gummy Worms 2400mg (80mg x 30pcs)

Friday Nov 4


Smashed: "Whoa Si Whoa" 1g Vape Cart (h) | "Whoa Si Whoa" .5g rechargeable disposable

Smashed Flower 3.5g: Sherbacio (h) | Sour Diesel (s) | King Louie (i)


Smashed Carts 1g: Mango (i) | Kill Bill (h)

Smashed: Liquid Diamonds Disposables Vape Cart 1g | London Pound Cake (h) | Orange Dreamsicle (s) | White Fire OG (i)

Smashed: Neon Sour Gummy Bears 5000mg

Smashed: Live Resin Vape Cartridges 1g: Original Kush Breath (i)

Smashed: Liquid Diamonds Nano-infused Gummies 1000mg (fast-acting):
Sour Mango (i) | Sour Mango (s) | Sour Mango (h) | Sour Watermelon (i) | Sour Blueberry (i) | Sour Blueberry (s) | Sour Blueberry (h)

Smashed Badder: El Chapo (i) | Fire OG (i) | Kill Bill (h) | Jack Herer (s) | Lemon Haze (s)

Smashed Diamonds: El Chapo (i) | Fire OG (i) | Green Crack (s) | Lemon Haze (s) | Gorilla Glue (h) |

Wed Nov 2

Back in Stock: Green Privilege Milk Chocolate Bites 1000mg | Dark Chocolate Bites 2000mg | Dark Chocolate Bites 400mg

Monday Oct 17



$19-$99 Flower Specials:

Mothers MilkTangilopeBlue Dream (smalls) • Orange Creamsicle • Diesel Cake • Wedding CakeIndica DieselGelato #33

20% off SMASHED Brand Products (coupon code "smashed20")(website orders only)

Thu Oct 26

Green Privilege Chocolate Bites 5000mg (500mg/ea) back on the board

Wed Oct 19

Green Privilege Gummy Bears 5000mg (125mg x 40pcs) back in stock and on sale: $90 (reg $100)

Green Privilege Watermelon Rings 1200mg (75mg x 16pcs) back in stock

Green Privilege Kief Covered Pre-Roll 1.5g back in stock

Sunday Oct 16

Uncle Bud's Hemp Face Masks now available individually: ("Topicals" Category)

ENZYME (pineapple meringue) | MULTIVITAMIN (Mango) | OVERNIGHT (Lavender) | ROSE GOLD (Mandarin Floral) | DETOXIFYING (Sweet Agave Nectar) | COLLAGEN (Japanese Cherry Blossom) | BLUE LIGHT (Sweet Blueberry)

Saturday Oct 8

Stack'n Trees Premium Flower Back in Stock:

Jack Herer (sativa) | California Orange (sativa) | Fire OG (indica) | King Louie (indica) | OG Kush (indica) | Girl Scout Cookies (hybrid)

Thursday Sept 29

NEW PREMIUM FLOWER! | White Gushers (indica) | Pressure (indica) | Oreoz (sativa) | Oreoz (indica)

NEW CBD Pet Products: | JustCBD Cat Treats | Just CBD Bacon & Cheese Strips |

NEW CBD Products:

Monday Sept 26

NEW! Smashed Liquid Diamond 1g Disposable Cartridges:

White Fire OG (indica) | Orange Dreamsicle (sativa) | London Pound Cake (hybrid)

NEW! TREES Cartridges (wood tip) 1g: SFV OG (indica) | Cali Tangie (sativa) | LA Cookies (hybrid)

NEW! Flavors - Smashed Liquid Diamond Nano-Infused Cube Gummies 1000mg:

Sour Blueberry Cubes (hybrid) | Sour Strawberry Cubes (indica) | Sour Green Apple Cubes (sativa)

Wed Sept 21

NEW! Green Privilege Gummy Worms 5000

Hakku Carts back in stock: Green Crack (s) | Blue Dreams (h) | Biscotti (h)

Green Privilege Dark Chocolate Bites 1000 back in stock

Friday Sept 2

NEW! Uncle Bud's CBD Dog Chews: Calming Chews | Hip & Joint Chews

NEW! Uncle Bud's Hemp Facial Masks 7pc Gift Set (Under CBD and Accessories categories)

NEW Smashed! in stock:

Diamonds: Watermelon (i) | Forbidden Fruit (i) | Dos-Si-Dos (h) | Kill Bill (h)

Crumble: El Chapo (i) | Forbidden Fruit (i) | Strawberry Cough (i) | Watermelon (i) | Jack Herer (s) | Dos-Si-Dos (h) | Gorilla Glue (h) | Kill Bill (h)

Badder: El Chapo (i) | Forbidden Fruit (i) | Watermelon (i) | Jack Herer (s) | Lemon Haze (s) | Dos-Si-Dos (h) | Kill Bill (h)

Smashwoods Premium Glass-Tipped Honey Blunt 2g

Tuesday Aug 30

NEW Rocket Girl Hash 1g

Friday Aug 26

NEW Flower Just in: G-13 (indica 70/30) | Gelato (indica 55/45) | Wedding Cake (indica 60/40)

Thursday Aug 25

SALE! Blue Raspberry Truffle (hybrid) $50/3.5g, $90/7g, $170/14g (Was $60/$110/$210)

SALE! Stack'n Trees SHATTER 33% OFF. Now $28 (was $42):

[HYBRID] Girl Scout Cookies | Grand Daddy Purple | Skittles [INDICA] OG Kush | Skywalker OG | True OG [SATIVA] NYC Diesel | Purple haze |

SALE! Stack'n Trees EDIBLES ~25% off: Watermelon Rings 2400 | Fruit Slices 2400 | Neon Rings 2400 | Sour Rainbow Cubes 2400 | Sour Octopus 2400

Thursday August 18

NEW TOP SHELF FLOWER! Blue Raspberry Truffle (hybrid)

Friday August 

NEW! Smashed Vape Cartridge Flavors: Banana OG (indica) | Sundae Driver (hybrid) | Vanilla French Toast (indica)

NEW! Smashed: Fast Acting, Liquid Diamonds Nano-Infused Cube Gummies 1000mg (12pcs@83.3mg/each), individually wrapped.

Friday July 22

Back in Stock:

Smashed Gummies: 5000 Unicorn Belts, 5000 Neon Sour Bears, 5000 Sour Watermelon Rings, 5000 Neon Sour Worms

Smashed LIVE RESIN Vape Carts: Blueberry AK (sativa), Gelato Runtz (hybrid), OG Kush Breath (indica)

Smashed Badder: Fire OG (indica), Gorilla Glue (hybrid), Green Crack (sativa)

Smashed Vape Carts: [indica] El Chapo, King Louis, Mango, Watermelon, [hybrid] Kill Bill, [sativa] ATF, Green Crack, Jack Herer, Lemon Haze, Vanilla French Toast

Tue July 19

Green Privilege back in stock: Gummy Bears 5000, Gummy Bears 2400, Gummy Bears 1200, Watermelon Rings 1200

JULY 12) NEW! Furr Babies CBD 1000mg Small Breed Bites and Large Breed Bites $30